The following is a list of our committees. If you’re interested in joining a committee, click the link to let us know. You must be an NBASLH member in good standing to serve on a committee. Please note that some committee descriptions include additional requirements.


Audiology Committee

Chair: Jasmine Simmons

The audiology affairs committee aims to assist NBASLH in growing the membership and representation of audiology students and professionals. This committee’s goals are to:

  • Promote evidence-based practices and policies related to the provision of effective interventions and the use of hearing aids, cochlear implants, implantable devices, and other hearing assistive technologies to support patient-centered care and improve outcomes.
  • Promote research related to auditory and vestibular sciences.
  • Provide continuing education opportunities and networking opportunities for audiology students, audiology professionals, hearing scientists, and other professions studying auditory and vestibular systems.  Click here to join.


Awards and Scholarship Committee

Chair: Joy Lennon

This committee promotes and facilitates the awards and scholarship application process for NBASLH. Members are responsible for reviewing the submissions and selecting recipients in collaboration with the board of directors. Committee Requirements: Professional members may volunteer for this committee. Student members are not allowed.  Click here to join.



Chair: Parliamentarian (Brittani Hightower)

The Bylaws Committee is composed of the Parliamentarian, a member of the board of directors and the Student Representative. The Bylaws Committee is responsible for reviewing any bylaw amendment proposals and presenting them to the Board of Directors. Click here to join.



Chair: Garvin Romane

The CEU Committee is tasked with supporting the CEU Coordinator in the CEU process for NBASLH events in which CEUs are provided. Members of this committee must be NBASLH Professional or Life members with active ASHA Board certification. Click here to join.



Convention Co-chairs (2024 - Lauren Hastings & Chrystal Ingram Williams)

The convention committee is composed of several subcommittees to address our multifaceted annual event. The subcommittees work with the convention chairs to plan and execute the important elements of the convention. The subcommittee chairs are appointed except for Exhibitors/Sponsors, NBASLH Cares, and Student Activities. Click here to join.

Subcommittee Listing:

  • Audio/Visual
  • Proposals Committee
  • Exhibitors/Sponsors
  • Photography
  • Volunteers


Cultural Humility/Responsiveness Task Force

Co-Chairs: Amy Hobek & Chrystal Williams

The committee raises cultural awareness, offers guidance to the organization and its members, and participates in purposeful dialogues and activities committed to supporting cultural humility and responsiveness in the profession of communication sciences and disorders. Click here to join.


Government Affairs and Public Policy Committee

Chair: Keena James Seward

NBASLH is looking for members to serve on a newly formed committee focused on government advocacy for legislative issues that impact the black individuals with communication disorders and differences as well as black professionals in audiology and speech-language pathology. Click here to join


Medical SLP Committee

Chair: Marilouise E. Nichols

The Medical SLP Committee provides mentorship, advocacy, networking, and continuing education for professionals in all settings of medical-based speech language pathology, as well as students and/or professionals interested in broadening their knowledge of medical speech language pathology topics. This committee seeks to increase access to evidence-based practice information and high-quality resources among professionals, students, and members of the community. Click here to join



Chair: Secretary (Brittney Pettis)

The membership committee promotes and facilitates the recruitment and continuity of NBASLH members by collaborating with the board of directors on key strategies, challenges, and needs in order to provide insight on membership recruitment, engagement, and retention. This includes the organization, regulation and support of NBASLH's national and international affiliate chapters to ensure the chapters adhere to the mission and vision of the national organization. The committee reports membership numbers and status to the board of directors and collaborates with the public relations committee to promote the goals of recruitment and retention. Click here to join.



Co-Chairs: Kyomi Gregory & Lauren Prather

This committee is responsible for oversight and direction for the Power to Empower mentoring program, ensuring that all participants have an enriching learning experience that contributes to their personal, professional growth, and development. The committee supports the development of both the mentors and mentees that are students, new career professionals, and licensed clinicians. Click here to join.



Co-Chairs: Brittani Hightower & Nastassia Horn

NBASLH Cares is NBASLH’s community based initiative that takes place each year during the convention. NBASLH members engage with the local community by raising awareness of the professions with high school students of color with the long term goal of increasing cultural diversity amongst speech-language pathologists and audiologists. Click here to join.



Chair: Lauren Hastings

This committee is responsible for recruiting and establishing partnerships with universities and companies through financial giving ie. in-kind donations, scholarships, and sponsorships. Additionally, this committee oversees the exhibitors for the annual convention by assisting with initial setup and breakdown of the exhibit hall. Click here to join.


Public Relations

Chair: Lauren Prather

This committee is responsible for developing and disseminating communication publicly on behalf of NBASLH. Ideal members for this committee include those who are creative, familiar with social media, and have good writing skills. Click here to join.



Chair: Whitney Postman

RESOUND is the official publication of the Association and is as old as the organization with the first publication in 1979. The newsletter originally combined both member information and research articles until it was decided to put the research section into a formal journal, originally called ECHO and now known as JNBASLH. RESOUND highlights member, affiliate, association news as well as calendar events. To make sure all segments of the association are included, there is a new Student Corner and Seasoned Member sections that highlights news specifically to those groups. Associate members such as family members are frequently highlighted since NBASLH has strong support of member families. The goals are to create a sense of community among all segments of the association, to update members on Board news, to keep members involved and engaged, attract new members and to attract potential sponsors. Affiliates are encouraged to appoint a person responsible for sending news items to be published in RESOUNDClick here to join.


Exam Review Course 

Chairs: Dr. Kimmerly Harrell and Dr. Andi Toliver-Smith

The Exam Review Course Committee is tasked with supporting the Exam Review Course Coordinator in the planning and execution of the review course hosted by NBASLH. Members of this committee must be NBASLH Professional or Life members with active ASHA Board certification. Click here to join.


Student Activities

Co-Chairs: David Frazier and Kiera Simmons

This committee is responsible for planning activities throughout the year that meet the needs of NBASLH's student members. Click here to join.