M. Eugene Wiggins Leadership Award

The M. Eugene Wiggins Leadership Award acknowledges the importance of leaders and leadership development that support NBASLH’s mission of addressing the needs of Black professionals, students and individuals with communication disorders. This award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership skills in carrying out the goals of the organization in the community or employment settings.

Mr. M. Eugene Wiggins exemplifies the commitment of the organization through his well-recognized leadership activities and skills. He is one of the co-founders of NBASLH and served as its Executive Director from 1988-2002. As a leader of the organization and clinic director at the University of the District of Columbia, he immersed himself passionately in the recruitment and training of minority students in the professions, as well as educating students regarding best clinical practices for diverse populations. His leadership qualities excelled as he obtained on-going funding to support students, developed dissemination activities addressing the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse students and professionals, served as a consultant to major professional organizations and cultivated mentor relationships. These qualities are worthy of being emulated by other professionals who hope to influence the professions as has Mr. Wiggins. His work has impacted not only African-Americans but other culturally and linguistically diverse populations, especially Hispanics. Because of his leadership, more doors are open to minorities who wish to join the professional ranks.

Criteria for Selection

  • Good financial standing as a member of NBASLH for a minimum of three consecutive years prior to the nomination
  • Served on at least one NBASLH committee or board during the three years preceding the nomination (local or national level)
  • Recognized as an outstanding leader in the discipline of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the local, national or international level

Note: If no applications are received for this award, the NBASLH Board of Directors may appoint an awardee.

Nominations open in September 2024